Breakfast pie

A hearty moment to start a great day

A nutritious, hearty breakfast makes the perfect moment to start a great day. Using eggs as a base, our breakfast products bring a whole lot of nutrients and flavor to the breakfast table.

When it comes to a fulfilling and energizing meal, eggs are second to none. A natural versatile product that is appreciated all around the world. Our Breakfast Pies combine eggs with the freshest natural ingredients for a luscious filling. While the crispy crust provides a satisfying bite. Breakfast Pies are packed in ovenable, coated boxes. Which makes them just the convenient snack or meal component to start off your day. Whether on the go, on board, at home or eating out.

At Fine Food Moments we believe that the best food is made from plain and honest ingredients. It is when they are craftily combined that the richest and most delightful products come out. Fine Food Moments Breakfast Pies cover a range of flavors to satisfy a variety of breakfast preferences. Offering an earthy taste with mushrooms, a luxurious sensation with the best emmentaler cheese or a crisp and light bite with fresh vegetables. Enjoy a savory and mildly spicy taste? Try our onion Breakfast Pie that contains pressed vegetables strips which are a high quality meat alternative that offers a genuine flavor, look and texture, hardly distinguishable from animal meat.

Fine Food Moments Breakfast Pies come deep-frozen. So you can be sure that the product remains fresh and its taste and appearance are optimally preserved. For your convenience our breakfast pies are very easy to store and to prepare. Just place them in the oven from frozen and heat for 10 minutes. Have an egg-ceptional breakfast!