Gourmet Roll

Crispy on the outside, lushly filled on the inside

The Fine Food Moments Gourmet Roll is a real classic. Compact and easy to handle, it combines a nutritious, crispy outside with a lush filling inside. Our versatile selection of Gourmet Rolls assures that there is one for each moment of the day. With traditional ingredients we create new and exciting combinations. That make every one of our rolls a unique and mouth watering food experience.

When it comes to rolls, it’s certainly not only the inside that counts. Whether you prefer the crunchy bite of our puff pastry rolls or the softer Dutch pastry, finished with a golden brown crispy crust they are just as irresistible. Together with our diverse selection of luxury fillings, Gourmet Rolls allow for nearly endless variation. Filled with apple for a sweet snack or dessert, or savory with popular ingredients like mushrooms, vegetables and eggs. Or what about a more exclusive filling? Such as Asian rice, salmon or fruits de mer. If you are looking for a salty bite, we use pressed vegetable strips as a meat alternative. This adds natural meaty flavor, texture and looks, while considering the growing number of consumers who prefer non-meat products.

Our Gourmet Rolls come in two sizes. The mini roll makes for a tasty bite, while the larger roll is a satisfying snack, ideal to enjoy on the move. Moreover, when combined with other Fine Food Moments-products, Gourmet Rolls are the perfect basis for a nutritious meal. Presented individually, either in foil or in a specially developed coated box, or in combination with other food products in a combo pack.

The size and shape of Gourmet Rolls make them very easy to enjoy wherever you are. But we have also taken special care to assure convenience of storing and preparing. Gourmet Rolls come deep frozen to preserve their taste, flavor and appearance. Simply pre-heat the oven and heat the product from frozen until your Gourmet Roll is slightly golden brown. No need to defreeze or even to open the package. With our unique ovenable Fine Food Moments-containers the rolls can be heated in their box or foil.