Gratin Culinair

The authentic experience of homemade potato pie

Nothing beats a potato when it comes to combining nutrition value with versatility and taste. It’s for good reasons that it is the basis of meals the world over and enjoys an ever-increasing popularity. Fine Food Moments uses the best potatoes to create refined gratins, in various shapes and sizes. Combined with other fresh and natural ingredients, our Gratin Culinair comes in a variety of distinguished flavors.

Fine Food Moments gratins are carefully created by our chefs to give your costumers the authentic experience of homemade potato pie. The rich filling, fine seasoning and the use of béchamel make for a creamy taste sensation. While the skillful preparation creates a handcrafted appearance. Supplied deep-frozen and pre-baked the Gratin Culinair provides maximum convenience for professional caterers as well as consumers.

Fine Food Moments managed to achieve a richness in taste and appearance that is unique for convenience potato products. Each of our various gratins has a characteristic taste brought about by carefully selected key ingredients, such as emmentaler cheese, broccoli and mushrooms. Foods that enjoy a lasting worldwide popularity. The use of non-meat pressed vegetable strips creates a salty bite that is appreciated by meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

With the rich flavor palette combined with four different shapes and sizes, there is a Gratin Culinair for every moment of the day. Choose bite-size round or square pies to serve as an appetizer, a meal component or even at high tea. Cater a rectangular portion as an indulgent snack or as the basis for a satisfying meal. Or provide family pies to enjoy at home. A personal touch is easily added by topping the gratin with sauce or some fresh garnish.

Packed individually or together with other Fine Food Moments-products, in foil or in our coated and ovenable boxes, the Gratin Culinair is ready for use. To be served by caterers, restaurants or consumers. They can be equally confident that our gratins meet even the highest professional needs.