Sweet delights for the mouth and the eye

Pastry is the bedrock of Fine Food Moments. We build on more than hundred years of family history in fine bakery products. Today our high quality artisan pastries are internationally renowned. Every one of them is still exclusively created by our best bakers from our own unique recipes.

More than a century of experience has yielded a unique level of craftmanship. We have continued to refine our confectionery recipes and kept improving the process of creating and producing our bakery products. Much to the delight of sweet-toothed consumers worldwide, Fine Food Moments has made a selection of the finest melt-in-the-mouth pastry for every occasion. To be served as a sweet snack between meals, during high tea or as a dessert.

Like all our products, Fine Food Moments Patisserie is made with carefully selected natural ingredients. Through thoughtful combinations of rich creams and fine fruit, we create a variety of pastry products that are a delight both for the mouth and the eye. Like our selection of sheet cakes, which includes an abundant range of flavors. From copiously filled apple cakes to crunchy fruit crumbles and scrumptious chocolate brownies. Even more luxurious treats include fruit bavarois, exquisite petit fours and a wide selection of creamy mousses. And of course we didn’t forget to add some of the true classics, such as our traditional Dutch flans and filled donuts.

Fine Food Moments Patisserie combines traditional quality with modern-day convenience. Our sheet cake comes pre-cut on a tray to be divided in bite-size portions. Like the petit fours, donuts and flans the cakes can also be individually packed in an attractive wrapping or presented in an inviting box with other food products. Some cakes can be heated in the oven for extra crunchiness. All Fine Food Moments Patisserie products are supplied pre-baked and deep-frozen. After defreezing they are ready to be served. Treat your customers to a sweet food moment to remember!